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Welcome to R.E.I.G.N.

The Premier Real Estate Automation and Marketing Service

The most important tool in your arsenal is time. The more time you have, the more deals you can close and the more money you can make! Well, what if we told you we could free up more that 8 hours per listing, giving you more time for closings and to reach more clients? Or what if we said you could create a custom website with a flyer and post card for you listing in under 10 minutes? 

R.E.I.G.N. does it all, and more.

We at The Suter Group designed R.E.I.G.N. with the sole purpose of saving people more time while adding a professional elegance to their listings and presentations. Take a look at everything that comes packed in with R.E.I.G.N. below, and see how we can save you time and make you money.


Instant Website Creation

Fill out our automated system from your laptop, tablet or phone and create stunning web sites in less that 10 minutes. Forget click funnels and other site creators that take hours to decipher and leave you with a product your not sure of.

Printable flyers and post cards

Once you're done with the web site creator add a flyer and a post card to fit your needs. Fill in the information, go to your email, check your website url and your two downloadable pdf's. Quick, professional and elite services you deserve.


Open House Sign-in

& Capture

Do away with the old pen and paper style of open house sign in. We have developed a kiosk style sign in platform that not only speeds up the process but automatically stores all your sign in's on a google sheet making follow up organized and seamless. 

simple TC Submission

Don't pay for TC services when you can do it yourself. Tell our automated service what it needs to know, and it'll send all the information for your sale to the inboxes of who really need it. Cut time and costs while staying in control.

Lead Generation

Talk to potential clients while you sleep. We create engaging and personable systems to communicate with your clients even if you're far from your computer or phone. They'll have a full conversation giving the all the info they need without you ever needing to talk with them. Capture your leads on an easy to use form and follow up like a true pro.

Pre-Qualify Leads

Walk into your client meetings with all the knowledge you need to stand out and close deals. Simply text or email our service to your clients so they can give you all information on their buying or selling status, what they're looking for, and when they want it done. In depth yet easy to use, your clients give the details and you gather the properties they have dreamed of. Knowledge is a powerful tool when used with an organized solution.


No more writing down leads on pieces of paper you'll never see again. Once your lead completes any of our capture automations, their info is sent straight to your inbox and as a text message for you to add to your rolodex or favorite software. We'll show you how to optimize your email/SMS game to organize beyond your wildest dreams.

Interested? Get in Touch.

Interested in adopting our product for you or your company? Get in touch with us today and we'll set up a meeting to help you decide if REIGN is right for you.

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