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High Class

High ceilings with plenty of natural light highlight the grand atmosphere of this two story estate. Perfect for gatherings of friends and family, this house is sure to wow your guests.

Master Views

Wake up each morning to the beautiful sunrise shimmering of the lake from your master bedroom window. Walk out on to your private balcony to enjoy the dawn sky with a warm cup of coffee.

Your Own Spa

Rejuvenate yourself. Spa jets built in to your bathtub give you everything to have a perfect staycation all within the walls of your own home. With separate vanities, keep your space yours.



A House Beyond Luxury.

It's not just a house - It's a private estate. This multi-story 6 bedroom mansion was designed with ultimate luxury and entertainment in mind. From access to the lake just yards from your back door and a personal basket ball court to a full chef's kitchen and private fire pit area, all that you could ever want can be found within your own property lines. Perfect for large parties or more personal family gatherings, you're equipped to handle any event and stay active all year round.

Chef's Dream

Express your inner chef with a full suite of kitchen appliances and tools that come with the home. Perfect for entertaining or simply trying that new recipe, this kitchen is what dreams are made of.

Play Palace

Don't worry, we've thought about the kids too. A large play area with a in-house play house complete with a spiral slide to the first floor. Even in the summer, the kids will want to play inside!

Ball Games

Cancel your gym pass! You won't have to leave to get practice in. With a full gym, basketball court, and access to the pond, all your recreational needs are met within the limits of your own property.



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