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The most important tool in your arsenal is time. The more time you have, the more impact you can create and the more money you can make! Well, what if we told you we could free up more that 8 hours per listing, giving you more time to reach more clients, and close more deals? Or what if we said you could create a custom website with a flyer and post card for your listing in under 10 minutes? 

R.E.I.G.N. does it all, and more.

We at The Suter Group designed R.E.I.G.N. with the sole purpose of saving people more time while adding a professional elegance to their listings and presentations. Take a look at everything that comes packed in with R.E.I.G.N. below, and see how we can save you time and make you money, and lock down the lifestyle you've been dreaming of. 

Join our elite group of professionals today and receive grandfather rights to all future updates, features, and versions currently in development. 


Instant Website Creation

The Hallmark of the R.E.I.G.N system is our web site and flyer creator. The typical time for an agent to create a custom web site, flyer, and post card is roughly between 2-3 hours, and that's assuming leading tools are being used, and the creator is proficient at using them. Forget click funnels and other site creators that take hours to decipher and leave you with a product you're not sure of. 

With our system you can create a custom, high class web site, listing flyers and (coming soon) post cards, in under 10 minutes! And, you can make them with ease from any device. You don't need to subject your clients or your brand to basic automated marketing materials any longer, nor subscribe to a variety of different tools, billed monthly over several hundreds of dollars in order to create cutting edge materials.


Save time, save money, level-up your marketing, and secure more clients.

Printable flyers

Have a flyer created in tandem with your property website with a click of a button, or create a stand-alone flyer simply by inputting property details and hitting submit. 

You will receive an e mail with the PDF link for your new flyer to print, distribute, and use at your leisure. 

Our library of flyer templates features dual-agent and dual-logo capability (personal/team logo and brokerage logo), cutting edge design, and is updated and added to regularly. Stand out with incredible marketing materials, and do so effortlessly.  


Open House Sign-in

& Capture

 R.E.I.G.N. will generate a custom Open House link specific to each address you hold open. Simply open your custom link on a laptop or tablet and leave it in an open space for your visitors to sign-in.


As your visitors fill in the information, an e-mail will be sent to them with your information, thanking them for visiting. Additionally, you will be emailed their information real time making follow-up organized and seamless so you can capitalize on your open house, protect your sellers, and impress your guests.


Your leads will be organized by the address of the open house, and with your customized sign-in link you will also receive a modern designed Free Printable PDF Document to set by your sign-in device to provide instructions for all your guests. 


You worked hard to put a transaction together, you shouldn't have to put that same amount of effort into simply opening the file when you could be spending that time locking down another deal. We developed a Virtual TC that will gather all of the transaction details and documents, schedule inspections, and cross everything off your to-do-list effortlessly.


Choose to send the opening package to your TC, or, if you don't have a Transaction Coordinator, simply input the emails of all parties to the transaction (escrow officer, lender, etc.) and you're done. We will have you in and out in minutes, and on to the next one. 

 Cut time and costs while staying in control.

Lead Generation

Talk to potential clients while you sleep. We create engaging and personable systems to communicate with your clients even if you're far from your computer or phone. They'll have a full conversation providing all the info they need without you ever needing to talk with them. Capture your leads on an easy to use form and follow up like a true pro. 

Pre-Qualify Leads

Walk into your client meetings with all the knowledge you need to stand out and close deals. Your automated Virtual Assistant built in to R.E.I.G.N. will gather all the information from a Buyer or a Seller lead, freeing you up to spend your valuable time elsewhere.


Simply send a client the link to your automation, then receive a detailed report of their contact information, lender pre-qualification information, area looking to buy, address looking to sell, price point, size of home, bedroom, bath, and garage count, story level, additional features, timeline goals, and more, all while your automated virtual assistant builds your reputation and relationship with the client. You're able to come to the table armed with all the necessary foundational details and what's more, rapport in place without ever having lifted a finger. 


Stay engaged. No more writing down leads on pieces of paper you'll never see again. We have developed a custom Notification system for R.E.I.G.N., where you will receive both an sms message and an e mail for all of the services below:

•New Web Site Created

•New Flyer Created

•New Lead Captured

•Showing/Viewing Request

•Open House Sign-in

•Pre Qual Completed

We know organizing the millions of details is difficult as an agent. We're here to help! We'll show you how to optimize your email/SMS game to organize beyond your wildest dreams, and take back control of your life.


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